True luxury in the wilderness. They just informed me we leave tomorrow, I thought we still had 2 days. That says it all. Always the potential for a lunker fish on each cast. The food, flying, table conversation and overall adventure were fabulous. Thank you for sharing it with us.

– Bo & Nancy, Virginia 1994

Every book tells a story, and with each man and woman that’s come fishing with Mark and his lovely family over the years– well, this book speaks for itself. This is my second trip at nearly 80 years of age, so if you’re thinking of coming , age is no barrier. Mark is a wonderful guide and will take good care of you. I say come. Talaheim Lodge is the best.

– Georges, France 1990

An unrepeatable, unforgettable wilderness experience. We were shown how to fish, where to fish, shown the fish, but still we left some behind. Fantastic holiday. Fishing is so good anything after this in England will seem small time. Hope to come back next year.

– Roy & Peter, England 1990

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