My third trip, which speaks for itself.

– Henry K. & Ovide Miller, Louisiana 1986

A ‘mega trip’ – you should’ve seen my smile after the 43 pounder. Sincere hospitality, good food, great country. Going home is going to suck. They’ll have to horse me back!

– Mark, Michael, Colin, Emily, Andrew & Victoria, England 1985

Thanks for going that extra mile on everything. A warm and friendly environment, great food, entertainment– who else would’ve thought of a sauna in the wild?

My first trip to Alaska, truly an Alaskan adventure! The best fishing of my life. I hope to return.

– Bill & Jason, Colorado, 1983

Super weather, wondering fishing, expert guiding, countless experiences with the great outdoors…. Best of all was the companionship and the company of your colorful guests.

– Curt, Washington 1981

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