Three reasons we switched to heli-fishing and never looked back:

1) We Follow Fish, Not Fishermen

Talaheim Lodge is the only Alaska fishing adventure with two helicopters for our guests’ exclusive use. Bush-planes are a wonderful way to travel, but their accessibility is limited to streams with enough water depth, or gravel bars with sufficient runway length. And with Alaska having the largest population of bush pilots in the world, a known bush-plane assessable fishing hole will undoubtedly mean you’ll have company.

Not only do guests of Talaheim fish streams rarely shared by other anglers, the lodge itself is located in an area only accessible via our private airstrip. Thus naturally limiting the company, and the competition.

2) A Simple Fish Makes Fishing Look Simple

Fish that are used to maneuvering around human predators are smart. On the other hand, fish that aren’t used to human predators are a beautiful thing— they bite hard and without reservation, they jump, fight, and pull on the line like their life depended on it. Thus, Talaheim’s simple fish make fly-fishing look simple.

3) Fishermen Should Be Outnumbered By Fish

Offering fantastic fishing week-over-week is our specialty. Helicopters allow us access to a variety of tributaries, therefore we don't over fish our waters. Coupled with the fact that we continue to cater to a small number of guests means that when you're fishing with us, you can bet you'll be outnumbered by fish.