For over forty years, we’ve continued to offer the ultimate Alaska fishing adventure without losing our personal touch. We do this by limiting our guests to six per week, or eight from one group, allowing us to foster our family atmosphere and provide the type of personal service that we've become known for.

A typical ratio is two guests per guide, which means there’s never a better time to improve your technique. Our guides are excellent fly fishermen and would be more than happy to share their tricks.

Small numbers also allow us to cater your Alaska fishing adventure around your interests and ability. Do you enjoy walking and wading the waters? No problem. Most of our rivers are wade-able and perfect for fishermen that like to cast across small rivers in search for that perfect catch.

Need a break from walking? Our portable canoes offer that flexibility— you can choose to walk the river in part, or not at all. With a helicopter as your means of transportation, you can follow the fish for three miles, or just 300 yards. We’ll pick you up where ever you stop.