Heli-Fish Remote Waters

  • 2_Spawning Salmon_Remote Waters
  • 3_Fish On_Remote Waters
  • 5_Heli Landing_Remote Waters
  • 6_Cold Creek_Flyfishing
  • 7_West Fork_Alaska Flyfishing
  • 8_Fish On_Lower Tal
  • 9_Friday Creek_Lower Tal
  • 10_Heli Ride_Ginny
  • Heli ride
  • 12_Gods Fingers_Helis
  • 13_Heli Drop Off
  • 14_Heli-Fish-Remote-Alaska-Fishing_Main
  • 15_Fish On_Cold Creek
  • 16_Arial_Stream
  • 17_Heli Landing Stream
  • 18_Ginny_Fish On
  • heli-fishing
  • 20_Remote Waters_Cold Creek
  • 21_Cold Creek_Flyfishing
  • 22_Mountain_Alaska Flyfishing
  • 1_Heli-Landing_Remote-Waters07BT9393_RT8

We like to call it: Heli-Fish Alaska, New Zealand Style! We’re the only lodge in Alaska that owns two helicopters for our guest’s exclusive use. Located 80 miles west of Anchorage, surrounded by nothing but a valley of mountains, we fish streams rarely seen by other anglers.

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