Guest Accommadations

  • Talaheim Lodge Guest Cabin
  • 2_Guest Cabins_Strip
  • 3_Guest Cabins_Strip_Bathroom
  • 4_Guest Cabins_Honeymoon
  • 5_Guest Cabins_Honeymoon Living Room
  • 6_Guest Cabins_Honeymoon from Loft
  • 7_Guest Cabins_Family_Bedroom
  • 8_Guest Cabins_Family_Bathroom
  • 9_Guest Cabins_Family_Bedroom

Cozy and rustic in style, all of our guest cabins are equipped with electricity, refrigeration, indoor plumbing, wood stove or central heating. The Honeymoon cabin is typically reserved for couples, whereas our larger cabins house families and larger groups. All guest cabins are a close walk to the main lodge, yet far enough away to attain privacy.


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