Five Species of Salmon

  • 1_Salmon_MAIN
  • Alaska Silver Salmon
  • 3_Red Salmon
  • 4_Red Salmon
  • 6_Bob w Fish in Background
  • 7_Silver Salmon_2
  • Alaska Humpy Salmon
  • 9_King Salmon
  • 10_King Salmon
  • 11_King Salmon
  • 12_Salmon
  • Alaska Chum Salmon
  • 14_King Salmon
  • talaheim-Oct2018-3
  • talaheim-Oct2018-2
  • talaheim-Oct2018-1

At Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge, we typically target the Alaska king salmon, sockeye, and silver salmon, although chum and pinks are available to anglers as well. King salmon season runs from late June to early July; sockeyes typically enter our waters in late July, followed by silvers, the bulk of which run into September.

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