• Heli-Fish Remote Waters

    Heli-Fish Remote Waters

    We like to call it: Heli-Fish Alaska, New Zealand Style! We’re the only lodge in Alaska that owns two helicopters for our guest’s exclusive use.…

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  • Our Alaskan Fishing Lodge

    Our Alaskan Fishing Lodge

    Cozy and rustic in style, the main cabin of our Alaskan fishing lodge is the hub of operations. This is where we meet every morning…

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  • Rainbows, Char & Grayling

    Rainbows, Char & Grayling

    Guests of Talaheim's can expect to catch a stunning array of rainbow trout, char, and grayling during their Alaskan fishing trip, both on our home river,…

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  • Five Species of Salmon

    Five Species of Salmon

    At Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge, we typically target the Alaska king salmon, sockeye, and silver salmon, although chum and pinks are available to anglers as well.…

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  • Sightseeing


    In addition to offering top-notch fly fishing, guests can expect to enjoy a full Alaskan wilderness adventure equipped with wildlife sightings, shore lunches, even a two…

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  • Lodge Lifestyle

    Lodge Lifestyle

    Talaheim means Home on the Tal in German and for over forty years we've specialized in offering just that. "I think I can speak for…

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  • Lodge Cuisine

    Lodge Cuisine

    All meals feature homemade, gourmet cuisine, and include fresh vegetables from our garden as well as many Alaskan favorites. Breakfast is typically served between 7…

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  • River-Side Gourmet

    River-Side Gourmet

    Shore lunches are prepared daily by our chef and feature a variety of hearty sandwiches, gourmet salads, and homemade cookies, which are then served around…

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  • Guest Accommadations

    Guest Accommadations

    Cozy and rustic in style, all of our guest cabins are equipped with electricity, refrigeration, indoor plumbing, wood stove or central heating. The Honeymoon cabin…

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