Talaheim Lodge Fish Species

Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge offers five species of salmon as well as a variety of rainbow trout, char, grayling, and pike. Read on to learn more about Talaheim lodge fish species.

For more information on when these species are most prominent, see our Fishing Schedule.


Alaska King Salmon

King Salmon

“Chinooks” are the largest of the salmon species and are renowned for their rod-bending, tackle-testing runs and long sporting battles. King Salmon enter our waters mid June and continue into mid July. With our helicopter fishing, Talaheim can follow the Kings as they migrate north. King Salmon typically run between 20 – 40 lbs, but can exceed 50 lbs.


Alaska Sockeye Salmon

Bob w Fish in Background

Reds,” begin to appear near the middle of July with the major run occurring at the end of the month. A beautiful metallic green fish when they first arrive, sockeyes are aggressive fighters. Sockeyes begin to turn a pink shade as they exit the salt water, but remain in great condition when they reach Talaheim. These fish reach an average size of 6-8 lbs., with some exceeding 15 lbs.


Alaska Pink Salmon

pink salmon

humpback,” or “humpies” for short, enter the Talachulitna in large numbers, especially during the even years. Pinks are the smallest of the salmon species, but are the most numerous. Alaska pink salmon run 3-6 lbs and provide an excellent fight on light tackle. Being extremely aggressive, they attack any lure or fly presented in the correct manner.


Alaska Chum Salmon

Alaska Chum Salmon

Dog Salmon“, or “Tiger Salmon,” tend to follow close behind the Alaska Pink run. With their vertical uneven stripes, large teeth, and their fierce strikes, it’s not a mystery why these fish have coined the nickname, Tiger Salmon. Chum salmon average 10-15 lbs., with some fish reaching the 20 lb. mark.

* At Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge, we typically target the Alaska king, sockeye, and silver salmon.


Alaska Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon Alaska

Coho” Salmon enter our waters in late July and continue into September. Alaska Silver salmon fishing is a game of pursuit and tactful casting to pockets and pools of schooling fish. Silvers are very popular with fly fishing guests, both expert and novice alike, as they often take flies on the surface. Our Silver salmon average 8 to 12 lbs. Much like the King Salmon run, Talaheim’s helicopters allow us to follow these popular species as they migrate to surrounding tributaries.


Rainbow Trout

rainbow trout with fly in mouth

This Talaheim Lodge fish species is deemed “Catch & Release” by Alaska’s Fish & Game. Guests of Talaheim can expect to catch a stunning array of Rainbow trout on our home river, as well as surrounding tributaries.

Bright in color and acrobatic in their fighting, Rainbow trout can make for a perfect picturesque moment. Alaska trout are voracious feeders and tend to migrate behind our salmon runs, normally gaining 30% of their body weight by the end of the summer. We like to call our Rainbow Trout, “Leopard Trout” due to their bright colors and intense spots, which can even be found in their eyes. Dozens of Rainbow trout can be caught daily, ranging from 14 to 26 inches in length.


Dolly Varden

Dolly Varden

Alaska Char often equal the Rainbow Trout in beauty with their greenish-silver bodies and their bright pink spots. Much like the Alaska trout, char feed behind our salmon runs and typically range between 14 to 26 inches in length.


Arctic Grayling

Arctic Grayling

These can be caught throughout the season. Grayling are versatile feeders and can be taken on virtually any lure or fly that is presented in the correct manner, making this fish an ideal target for the experienced or novice angler. Aggressive top water feeders, our grayling can average 10 to 20 inches in length.