Fishing Schedule

Bob w Fish in Background

Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge is seasonal, operating annually from approximately June 18th to September 9th. Typically speaking our seven-day fly fishing trips start Sunday morning and end Saturday evening, for a total of seven days fishing, six nights at the lodge.

Although fish runs alter slightly depending on the year, Talaheim usually experiences the following runs:

June 18 to July 16: These four weeks offer fly fishermen a great opportunity to catch an Alaska king salmon on a fly. We also enjoy incredible angling for rainbow trout, char, and arctic grayling.

July 16 to August 5: These three weeks make up some of Talaheim’s best fishing for rainbow trout, char, and grayling. In addition, there are four species of salmon entering our rivers during this time: pinks, sockeyes, chum, and a few early silvers.

August 6 to September 9th: These five weeks offer great silver salmon angling, plus fall-fattened char, arctic grayling and trophy sized rainbow trout.