Fishing Schedule

Fly Fishing

Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge is seasonal, operating annually from approximately June 18th to September 9th. Typically speaking our seven-day fly fishing trips start Sunday morning and end Saturday evening, for a total of seven days fishing, six nights at the lodge.

Although fish runs alter slightly depending on the year, Talaheim usually experiences the following runs:

June 18 to July 16: These four weeks offer fly fishermen a great opportunity to catch an Alaska king salmon on a fly. We also enjoy incredible angling for rainbow trout, char, and arctic grayling.

July 16 to August 5: These three weeks make up some of Talaheim’s best fly fishing for rainbow trout, char, and grayling. In addition, there are four species of salmon entering our rivers during this time: pinks, sockeyes, chum, and a few early silvers.

August 6 to September 9th: These five weeks offer great silver salmon angling, plus fall-fattened char, arctic grayling and trophy sized rainbow trout.


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