“What will the weather be like?” | Expect anything.

June, July and early August are Alaska’s prime summer season. The weather can be very warm, in the 70’s or 80’s Fahrenheit, or it can be rainy and in the mid 50’s. Either way, expect mid 50’s in the morning and hope for warmer temperatures throughout the day. It’s always best to pack a few light weight versatile layers.

The midnight sun does indeed shine at Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge. During June and July, expect a full 20 hours of daylight. But by the 10th of August, Alaska’s fall arrives and we’ll start losing daylight. During this timeframe, our temperatures can drop to the 30’s in the early mornings, warming to the low 70’s throughout the day. August and September are known to be rainy. If rain occurs, expect temperatures in the 40’s throughout the day.

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