“What type of fishing equipment should I bring?” | Well, that’s a loaded question.

Most fly fishermen bring two rods: a 9 foot #5 or #6 for trout, char, and grayling, and a 9 foot #8 or #9 for salmon. If you’re targeting king salmon on a fly, you might consider a stiff #10 rod with 100 yards of backing. Many of our king salmon fly fishermen are “swinging,” using double handed fly rods with Skagit heads and sink tips.

We have an assortment of rods available for our guests use, such as: #5, #6, #9 Temple Fork Outfitters fly rods and Ross fly reels, as well as Temple Fork Outfitters spinning gear. In addition, we also carry double handed rods. Please let us know prior to arriving should you want to utilize our fishing equipment.

Make sure to bring a sink tip and floating line for both rods. Most of our Alaska trout fishing is done with floating lines, with the occasional use of split shot in order to access the deeper fish. Alaska silver salmon typically bite on the water’s surface, so if you’re coming during silver salmon season bring some floating line for your salmon rod. Full sink lines are not necessary, but allow for 30 yards or more of backing for trout reels, and at least 100 yards of backing for the salmon reel.

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