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Where we land, you will not see another aircraft on the ground

Alaska’s total highway system in miles amounts to just over 1000 miles. Most summer traveler’s in Alaska’s back country travel by air or boat. “Alaska fly out lodges” have become quit popular in the past 50 years. So much so that popular rivers have become sometimes jammed with float planes and anglers. Our Talaheim Lodge…
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Alaska Fishing Trip Owner on Twatter…what??

Alright—let me get something straight before I jump into one of my various rants (stay tuned and you’ll soon know what I’m talking about.). I am THRILLED, no OVERJOYED to have the “family” back in the family business. Luke, my son, started growing his own hunting operation out of Talaheim a few years ago. Now…
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Helicopters verses Float Planes

“AHHHH!!! You’d never get me in one of those machines”. “Those things don’t glide very well”. “ I’ve had enough time in those contraptions in the army”. “ I got shot down in one of those things”. These phrases and more are what I commonly hear when I travel around selling trips.. In Alaska’s “road…
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