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Booze, Dolly’s, and Battle Creek Specials

At Talaheim’s Alaska fishing lodge, there are two flies that typically take the limelight: the Dolly Llama and the Battle Creek Special. When the midnight sun casts its orange glow on another spectacular day of fishing and you’re forced to burn a timeout until tomorrow, there’s no better script after a great meal than whiskey…
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King Salmon Season Ends with a Great Catch

  As the king salmon season comes to an end, Talaheim's Alaska Fishing Lodge delivers one angler an experience of a lifetime. Guests Bill and Barb from Florida were very experienced salt water anglers, but they came to Talaheim to catch a king salmon on a fly in Alaska! Once dialed in with heavy sink tips…
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Celebrating Angling Milestones at Talaheim

  There’s nothing better than some good ol’fashion Alaska fly fishing, especially when it brings friends together. Week two at Talaheim’s Alaska fishing lodge reunited the best of the best in spey casting from California, Oregon, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Colorado.  All with one common interest: to swing flies for Kings on a double handed…
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