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Alaskan Men Write Poetry

When I'm not busy creating once in a life time experiences for anglers, or taking the helicopter for a spin, I'm writing poetry. Yes, that's right.  Who said Alaskan men aren't sensitive?! We have strong feelings and we know how to express them. Check out this classic I wrote as a youngster during a winter so cold…
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Glaciers, Bears, Oh My!

  By week six Talaheim was in a holding pattern just waiting for the silver glimmer of our second salmon run.  But besides the lone silver salmon that was lost-then-caught on the Talachuitna in week five, Talaheim’s rivers have yet to be home to the 2014 silvers. Instead, by week six, we welcomed the stench…
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Booze, Dolly’s, and Battle Creek Specials

At Talaheim’s Alaska fishing lodge, there are two flies that typically take the limelight: the Dolly Llama and the Battle Creek Special. When the midnight sun casts its orange glow on another spectacular day of fishing and you’re forced to burn a timeout until tomorrow, there’s no better script after a great meal than whiskey…
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