40 Years of Family Fishing Lodge Memories

  In celebration of 40 years of service, owner and operator of Talaheim’s Alaska fishing lodge, Mark Miller, and his daughter, K’Dee, take a moment to reflect on the family business. Q: If you were to give each of Talaheim’s four decades one major accomplishment, what would that be? 1976 – 1986 Mark: That first…
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Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge Video

Experience why our Alaska fishing lodge continues to be the anglers choice for over 40 years.

"The beauty of Talaheim is the remoteness," says our Alaska fishing guide. "Being able to fish somewhere where very little people have fished. The majority of the fisheries that we get to access, you know if you see another footprint, it's yours from the week prior."



A Fishing Trip to Remember: Recent Testimonials from Guests

  This is my 2nd fishing trip here and I never got over the fact that Talaheim can deliver both unspoiled world renowned fishing and world class service at the same time. Mark and his staff see to all the details, ensuring any level of outdoorsman, while comforting any guest by his flying ability and expertise,…
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Talaheim’s Alaska Fishing Lodge Turns 40!

Alaska Fishing Lodge Celebrates 40 Years in Business Years ago, my son Luke, when asked by his kindergarten teacher to draw what his old man did for a living, drew a long table with me at the head.  "My dad tells jokes," Luke declared. Forty years later and I'm still at it - telling jokes, flying…
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