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Fishing Alaska By Helicopter and Float Plane

Alaska’s vast road-less wilderness offers very little practical transportation options. Air travel being the best means of travel over land, and of course boats throughout Alaska’s waterways. Alaska Lodge operators located in remote areas on large rivers or lakes can utilize float planes to travel from the lodge to fishing spots that are adequate and…
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Talaheim Lodge Client Testimonials

WHAT BIG PHARMA COMPANIES DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW Here’s a little something to share around your Thanksgiving table: I just received this client testimonial, from a real client of course. This is not to be confused with Fake News: My husband John Doe was having severe chest pains, shortness of breath, and growing an…
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Everything You Need To Know About Alaska Fishing Lodges

Alaskan fishing lodges differ so dramatically that choosing one as a destination can be very difficult, especially for someone who has never experienced fishing in Alaska. Fishing camp or fishing lodge? Usually a lodge is a permanent structure, however, just having a few small cabins doesn’t rate to me as being a lodge.  As there…
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What’s Included In The All Inclusive Package?

So, you are thinking about booking the most incredible Alaska fishing week of your life and would like to know what is included in the all inclusive package? Read on and then hurry up and give us a call (907-440-0614) to schedule your week at Talaheim, because the 2020 season is just around the corner…
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