Meet your hosts


Alaskan Fishing Lodge Owner

At Talaheim's Luxury Alaska Fishing Lodge service is served with a story.

Meet your hosts: Mark and Felicia Miller.

Hard to believe it was 1974 when owner, operator, and long time Alaskan resident, Mark Miller, engraved his first mark on the Talachulitna River. With just one rubber raft, one J3 Cub, and one hair on his chest, Mark set out to build Talaheim Lodge.

Credited by many as having achieved the American Dream, one guest described Mark even further. “He made the man cave into a business.” The helicopters, the fishing, the bear rugs, the endless stories about adventure and living an Alaskan fishing lodge lifestyle. “Most men have that in the man cave,” he continued. “Mark Miller made the man cave his life.”

Mark's son, Luke, while in kindergarten took it another step further. When asked by his teacher to draw what his old man did for a living, he drew a long table with Mark at the head. “My dad tells jokes,” Luke declared. And in a way, Luke was right.

At Talaheim's Alaska fishing lodge, our service extends far beyond the stream. Mark and his staff take part in every breakfast and dinner. While enjoying an array of homemade cuisine served gourmet family style, Mark will share harrowing tales of wilderness Alaska that will rival anything you've watched on reality TV.

Don't believe us? Just ask Mark to expound on the below and you'll understand why one guest said: "I came to experience the incredible fishing. But I'll return for the stories shared around the dinner table."

  • Mark: "Dave, put some clothes on and grab your gun, a bear is in the lodge!"
  • Luke: "Dad, a bear ate my airplane." Mark: "I'll airdrop you a case of duct tape. Tape it up and fly it home." We're not kidding, here's the story to prove it.
  • Felicia: "Mark, I need a Caribbean vacation!" Mark: "Fine, pack a bag and I'll fire up the bush plane." Thirty days later their trip looked like this:

Alaska Fishing Lodge Owner Adventure

Although we've seen a lot of changes over the past forty years since Talaheim's Alaska Fishing Lodge was created – helicopter fishing, glacier tours, and first-class accommodations being among the few – the important things still remain. Our staff continues to return year after year, as do the fish. (2015's fishing season was perhaps the best ever!) And of course, Mark Miller is still at it – chasing adventures, flying helicopters, telling jokes, and thanks to our incredible roster of guests, living out his childhood dream.

We look forward to having you around our dinner table and making your trip to Talaheim's Alaska fishing lodge a story you'll never forget.