About us

Our Home on the Tal River

Family Owned & Operated for Over 40 Years

Meet your hosts

Meet your hosts: Mark and Felicia Miller. At Talaheim's Alaska Fishing Lodge service is served with a story. Hard to believe it was 1974 when owner, operator, and long time Alaskan resident, Mark Miller, engraved his first mark on the Talachulitna River. With just one rubber raft, one J3 Cub, and one hair on his chest, Mark set out to build Talaheim Lodge.

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Learn our history

In the early mornings, before the suburban sounds of Needham, Massachusetts awoke, a young lad carrying a bow hunted backyard birds secretly pretending they were grizzly, and that he, an Alaskan guide. From the young age of twelve, Mark Miller knew he'd somehow reach The Last Frontier and that his dream of becoming a real Alaskan fishing and hunting guide would someday become reality.

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Join the Tal family

It's not just the incredible fishing that continues to draw our guests back. What makes a fishing trip at Talaheim Lodge so desirable, and different from other fishing trips, is our family atmosphere. After all, adventure is nothing without a family to share it with, and we're proud to say that we've made a business of creating memories and collecting family members for over 40 years.

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Meet our staff

Talaheim Lodge takes pride in the fact that we’ve set up an environment that not only continues to attract experts, but retains them. Most of our staff, like our salmon, continue to return year after year. From fishing guides, helicopter and bush pilots, to our cooking staff, Talaheim's staff is part of our extended family, embodying a special brand of expertise, talent, and character.

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